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Autonomous Climate System

The most advanced, ecological climate system is about to disrupt the industry!

Autonomous Lighting System

Lights up! It’s time to step into the future of commercial and home lighting. Autonomous is not just a word!

Autonomous Energy Generator

Do you think green energy is cheap? What if we told you that you can produce more with less? We have more to say…


Prepare your shopping cart and jump into the world of our green products and a huge variety of others in the most competitive prices!

E-Payment Solution

Payment solution technology is rapidly changing and we plan to evolve it more with a new hybrid technology! The first e-wallet with real (not virtual) IBAN number in the World!

Reward Option Plan

Green energy is the future with huge prospect of growth! We give you the chance to invest in our business plan and products and get rewarded weekly!

Investment Loan

Unparalleled security investment with amazing rewards! A unique opportunity, unmatched in the market!

Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin

Join the movement!
One of the greatest opportunities in the blockchain technology is ready for you to grab it! The only, really backed up, green energy related, crypto in the World!

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