Heptapolis Platform

Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd has created an ecosystem along with partners who can benefit from the wide range of products and services in which it operates!

You are now transferred to our platform to provide you with the essential security in your transactions as well as a number of benefits as listed below:

  • Open a Heptapolis personal account with simple procedures!
  • Buy our coin HHEC and use it or sell it back to the company (at the end of the ICO, the HHEC will be listed in a number of exchanges)
  • Secure Transactions!
  • Increased collaboration capabilities! Be part of our platform and enjoy our affiliate huge commissions by sharing your Referral Link
  • Connect directly to the entire ecosystem, and learn how to profit by creating your own Bussines!
  • Access to Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd products, buy or sell these unique products and gain enormous profits! Direct access to our e-shop!
  • Buy or promote our Coin. Profit by participating in our Bounty Program for every new member added by you in the platform and receive 3% on their coin purchases! The commissions are payable either in HHEC or in fiat currency. It’s your Decision!
  • Data Security! They are not transported or disclosed anywhere!
  • Be informed about the opportunities given, be trained and take advantage of your unique skills! Don’t let your skills to be waste! Heptapolis is here to make your Dreams be your real world!

Did you know that our platform provides you with your personal and unique Referral LINK handling you a great opportunity to create your own business based on our own products and services?

Did you know that you can integrate your own products into our platform?

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