Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin (HHEC)

The only, truly backed up, Humanitarian, Energy, security Crypto

Through the Heptapolis ICO the investor will be able to participate for the first time, in a humanitarian, energy coin. HHEC (Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin) ICO phases will give the chance to develop the following projects:

  • Buy a 10,000,000 euro factory ready for use and manufacture our green energy products
  • Heptapolis E-Learning center (Avatar)
  • Produce and Install Autonomous Lighting Systems
  • Produce and distribute Autonomous Climate Systems SuperEco
  • Produce and install 10kwh Green Energy Generators (compare to the same value investment in a Solar Park this will produce up to 12 times more energy)
  • our-coin
  • HHEC holds one of the greatest opportunities in blockchain technology
  • At the assets generated by the ICO will back up the HHEC value
  • 20% of the income generated from each ICO supported project and all future reoccurring profits will also back up the HHEC value.
  • 20% of the amount paid of each student’s tuition fees at Heptapolis E-Learning center.


  • We have a working product – we are not waiting for ICO to happen and then make the product
  • HHEC funds big projects based on our products with reoccurring profits
  • We are building an ecosystem of products and services based on our coin
  • We truly back up the coin to 50% of its value with money and assets
  • We buy the coin back at any point at the backup value thus creating a uniquely positive ratio between risk and reward
  • We already have a payment solution in place with Mastercard and 2 AAA banks, BNP Paribas and Barclays
  • We already closed the deal for a huge factory
  • Whatever coin is not backed up is not sold before doing so
  • We cannot and we will not dilute the market price of our coin with the coin we hold in our possession. Even us we have to back them up before selling them


Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions was created to inspire conceptions of green innovative energy patents to the environmental challenges. It combines characteristics that bring to the world answers with high quality of green energy products and humanitarian efforts to create the first humanitarian E-Learning center. Along with the creation of the first Humanitarian Crypto Currency in the world, the ultimate goals are mainly three:

  1. To provide a vast majority of green energy choices to as many people as possible
  2. To help educate millions of people around the World with the Humanitarian e-Learning center
  3. To leave a promising and sustainable future for generations to come

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