The 1st e-wallet with IBAN number in the World!!!!

Our system is a hybrid technology that integrates financial payments with network wallet structure. Networks that consist of customers, affiliates, users, and/or employees can now have their own payment structure and card system available to every member of the network

What is our Wire account e-wallet system offering:

  • Personal web-account for every member of the network accessible online 24/7
  • Ability to create and upload Structured payments, that could be used to distribute network commissions, payments and sales incentives.
  • MasterCard connected with the wire account e-wallet for continuous access.
  • Separate IBAN for every card connected to the wire account e-wallet in order to be used to receive or sent funds from any banking institution.
  • Multi-currency platform.
  • Customization of the Hepta 7E-Wallet is possible allowing for the individual branding by each participant in the network.

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