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OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION – UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER and HEPTAPOLIS are the main supporters and partners in our endeavor.  Heptapolis is a project consists of a physical part (the city) and a virtual part (the e-Learning University). The main purpose of HEPTAPOLIS is defined as the fulfillment of the need for the major academic, scientific and technological forces of humanity to unite under a “common roof” so that they may cooperate and collaborate with collegiality, in a spirit of sincere communication and mutual trust, for the resolution of the critical problems of the planet and its people and to improve, to the best of their abilities, the experiential and cultural level of society, in all regions of the world.

According to the preliminary plans HEPTAPOLIS will be created in a single area of 800 hectares (8,000,000 sq. meters). The area is close to Delphi and Parnassus ski resort and it’s around one hour drive from Athens.

Heptapolis Avatar e-Learning University

A Humanitarian e-Learning University, hundreds of universities in one!


As a pioneering entity Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions is sponsoring the creation of the Avatar E-Learning University, a pioneering, virtual reality project in it’s self.

The international center of letters, arts & sciences that communicates with the teachers and students of the universities through the Worldthinkbank created for an exclusive purpose for the use of knowledge and transmission to every student and every scientist who wishes and fights for a better world collaborations: with selected international forum and conferences, with academy and university, with scientific research and experimental centers, with philosophical schools, with modern distributors, poets – thinkers  – artists that their vision is a better world!

Heptapolis Avatar E-Learning University has adopted our coin as the official mean of payment for students tuition and fees which in return will increase the demand for the coin!

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