Autonomous Lighting System

The product is an outdoor lighting system with it’s own incorporated power generator which makes each lighting system 100% autonomous from the electricity grid. This system can be installed as street lamps or at big outdoor spaces like parking places, hotels, airports etc. The system is also monitored through the internet and therefore reduces drastically the physical maintenance fees. When a municipality installs this system on to it’s streets it automatically becomes a green municipality with huge benefits.


  • Patented product
  • Low-cost assembly
  • Lightweight – low – cost transport
  • Unnecessary heavy assembly equipment
  • Low – cost pole embedding methods
  • Protection class II – no costs of hoop iron
  • The pole does not corrode, nor change colour
  • No periodic testing for pole insulation
  • High passive safety; low energy absorption
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical damage
  • UV resistance

The company currently is under negotiations with a number of municipalities in different countries for the installation of 100.000 units to start with and then move forward to bigger projects.

The company’s capacity for the installation of the units will range from 5.000 to 10.000 per month (depending on the level of the initial funds to be raised). This number is based on the current manufacturing capacity of our factory, which can upgraded very easily. We can have 3 shifts per day, the factory can be easily upgraded to a fully robotic one and it can be extended from 10,000sq.m. to 35,000sq.m.

Maintenance fee is charged by the company at €50 per unit per year (the contracts are for 12 years). Monitoring of each system through internal network. System problems are immediately spotted.

Estimated margins from these projects would be at least 100% on cost. Hence from on agreement of 10,000 units, the company’s profit will be €3,500,000, plus maintenance income of €500,000.

The plan is to produce 100,000 such systems to start with. We are already in talks with municipalities and companies in Greece and Cyprus. Greece alone has 57,000,000 lamps.

The vision is to produce this lamp system for as many countries around the World as possible and help reducing greenhouse emissions due to street lighting. Our vision is also to help remote communities, villages and poor areas or even countries have safer streets and public places which are fully lid.

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