Autonomous Energy Generator

During 2018 we are preparing to launch a truly amazing product, our Patented Energy Generator! Using simple and efficient energy forces we have managed to produce energy without the need to use any other fossil fuel!

The product is an energy generator like the ones we have in our autonomous lighting system or our autonomous climate system with the only difference the size. Even though many systems have been patented our the World ours emphasizes on 3 key areas.

Key Areas:

  • Maintaining magnetic fields to the minimum which is not harmful for humans.
  • Be scalable and therefore able to extract variable outputs according to size and also implement it in various products.
  • Be financially viable for mass production (which is the main problem of so many ideas around this subject).

So our initial version of our power generator can produce 10 kW per hour while maintaining very reasonable dimensions (a cylindrical shape of 90 cm in height and 130 cm in diameter) and therefore can easily be installed on the roof or in a basement. The autonomous generator can produce 12 times the energy of an equivalent value solar park and can also be scaled for bigger energy production parks.


The plan is to install the Autonomous Power Generators free of charge at existing clients’ premises (currently a list of 4,000 members is available, with an estimated 2,000 installations expected to be completed in the first six months of starting the project). In exchange we will give 500 kWh per month for free to the property owner and any additional energy required will be given at a substantial discounted rate. As currently the price per kWh is €0.15, the estimated revenues per month for 2,000 installations, would be around €2,010,000 per month! The revenues will be able to fund the production of even more power generators and green energy projects based on our products

The vision is become a major energy producer company using our unique product. We are also looking at humanitarian projects to produce energy and help poor areas, disaster areas, schools or hospitals and or even third world countries have electricity.

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