Autonomous Climate System

The product is a climate system consisting of 5 units and power distributor which is capable to make a house of up to 120 sq.m. colder or warmer. The system is 95% autonomous, meaning that the power distributor is plugged onto the grid for the initial start up and then it creates all the energy needed within. Therefore it’s much cheaper to produce. It comes in 3 version: cold only, warm only, cold and warm. Added units can be acquired to increase the space coverage of the system.

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  • €3150 + VAT Per Unit
  • By default the products comes with 5 units. You can order here additional products. Each extra unit will cost €800.


  • The only true ecological air-con
  • 90-95% energy saving
  • Without compressor
  • For cold and hot air
  • Completely silent
  • Easy installation, replacing the central heating units or through a new installation
  • With modern, groundbreaking, vertical design (only 6 cm depth!)
  • With amazing quality and finish
  • With 3 years warranty
  • Repayment from saving energy

Download our climate system brochure here:


The plan for the climate system is to reach the target of a pre-ordering volume for 20,000 units and the estimated delivery time will be within 2 months from the completion of pre-orders. Estimates revenues from the above would in the range of € 8 to € 10 million. And that’s only for the initial project. Following ones will be even bigger with even bigger revenues.

The vision is to create a new standard of climate system which will force inevitably other manufacturers to follow us. We aim at nothing less than be the benchmark for innovative indoor climate systems and lead in the same way as other companies changed their industries like Tesla did to car manufacturers or the Netflix did to Blockbusters, or mp3 did to dvd’s etc.

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