Cooperation with Savvides Audit Ltd

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Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd announces the launch of its collaboration with Savvides Audit Ltd. The world-renowned auditing agency with nearly three decades in the field, provides top quality professional services to a wide range of businesses worldwide and we are proud to sign a contract with them. The contract provides the control of our HHEC currency and the public announcement, in official form, of the value of the currency and its upward adjustment at the end of each phase.
With this agreement, we achieved some significant goals!Specifically:

  • We receive audit services from distinguished experts.
  • We are committed to maintaining our timetable.
  • We provide full transparency regarding our HHEC Hidden Currency, its support price and how it changes.
  • We provide investors with an in-house knowledge of how Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions uses the funds raised from
  •  the sale of currencies.
  • We maintain and strengthen the feeling of trust and confidence among investors.

This cooperation proves the size and the success of the whole project.

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