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Our Mission

Heptapolis’ Green Energy Solutions mission is to commercially apply and financially exploit newly established green innovative energy patents that will secure cheap energy for the user and will offer solutions to current world environmental challenges.These newly established patents are connected to the energy production without the use of fossil fuels, and to the production of high quality green energy products that offer enormous energy savings through their innovative design. Also, H.G.E.S. is developing and participating in various groundbreaking projects and patents.




Products & Services

Our ever expanding range of products & services is based on 9 groundbreaking products.

Autonomous Climate System


Autonomous Energy Generator

The most advanced climate system in the World!

Autonomous Lighting System

The 1st e-wallet with IBAN number in the World!

e-payment solution

The product that will change the world.

Heptapolis Platform

Opportunities that meet your needs!

The Industry.

The renewable-energy industry is the part of the energy industry focusing on new and appropriate renewable energy technologies. Investors worldwide have paid greater attention to this emerging industry in recent years. In many cases, this has translated into rapid renewable energy commercialization and considerable industry expansion. The wind power and solar photovoltaics (PV) industries providegood examples of this. The renewable energy industry has grown more than 15 times its size in the last 20 years and in 2017 World clean energy investment totalled $333.5 billion. Since 2010 $2.5 trillion have been invested in this industry.

Our Production Line

Full Robotics Climate System Manufacture

1100sq.m. Assembly Line & Warehouse in Greece

600sq.m. Assembly Line & Warehouse in Cyprus

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